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Hunter Protocol

Most advanced 100% KYC (Huntpass) verified launchpad that  safeguards investors

from the

scam projects. 

Project developers and  owners credibility will be analyzed and scores

will be updated

in our website.

Users can register their complaints, the same will be communicated with the project developer / owner

and updated

to the user asap. Credibility score will be increased / decreased based on the response received from

the project

developer / owner.

In each token launch,

10% of the fee in $HTC

will be rewarded to

$HTC holders and another 10% will be burned.


is a cross-chain

decentralized exchange

runs with an

AI algorithm.  


 parse through multiple

DEXs on-chain to find

the best price or lowest gas cost for the user’s desired transaction.

We use Chainlink

Price Feeds to secure us from flash loan attacks and use other front-running deterrents to make front-running unprofitable.

We wish to avoid the distortion and price manipulation that bots can create, and keep users as shielded from such activity as possible.

Users can provide liquidity and stake tokens to get incentives.  

When it comes to lotteries, fairness is a critical component of the game. However, traditional lottery systems struggle to harbour a spirit of trust within the community. Fortunately, the public, yet, secure ledger of a Huntlotto can bridge

this gap. Information about the lottery becomes available to all, and transparency is restored in the system.

Only $HTC 

holders can participate in the mega million jackpot

draw that happens on1st of every month after we launch HuntLotto

in Q3-2023

10% of the prize amount

will be rewarded to

$HTC holders

and another 10%

of the prize amount will be burned in $HTC.

The winner will get the

prize amount 

of 25% for

four weeks to control

$HTC market price

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Hunter Protocol

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