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Welcome to Hunter Protocol

Hunter Protocol is following the intention to integrate the capabilities of CeFi into DeFi, bringing together the best of both worlds - effectively implementing fundamental safeguards and security measures, cross-chain transactions, launchpad, verified DEX listings, NFT marketplace, Gaming, Mega million Lottery and scalable utility tools within our ecosystem.

Hunter token is a community driven, deflationary utility token deployed on the BSC smart chain.

$HTC is the native token of Hunter Protocol

Hunter launchpad will be released on Q3-2023. 20% of the fee from each token launch will be burned


Hunter Mega million crypto lottery draw will be launched on Q4-2023. 10% of prize money from each draw will be distributed to $HTC holders and another 10% of prize money will be burned

Hunter swap will be released on Q1-2024, holders will get rewards by providing liquidity and staking $HTC

Prize amount will be released 25% for 4 weeks to control the price of $HTC


We ultimately aspire to provide an unparalleled DeFi user experience, bridging the differences in CeFi and DeFi, while providing a safe and secure decentralized financial ecosystem for users.


Hunter upholds four important pillars that contribute to the evolution of user experience in DeFi:


Our goal is to provide users with a stable and functional application that allows them to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios and incentivizes them to supply liquidity to Space Farms and Solar Pools by rewarding them with $HTC tokens. Tokens rewarded are split 50/50 between $HTC and Vested $HTC, with Vested $HTC vesting linearly into $HTC over a 5-month period, with 20% of vesting tokens unlocked monthly.

For users that want an instant rewards redemption, we provide an immediate claim mechanism that burns 50% of $HTC received and allows users to immediately claim 75% of the total rewards gained. $xHTC earned can instantly be converted into $HTC with this feature.

User Experience

One of our primary objectives is to enhance the user experience in comparison to existing DEXs. Traditionally in DeFi, users have to rely on external or 3rd party tools outside of a decentralized exchange in order to monitor value of liquidity pairs, impermanent loss, and total locked value.

Hunter provides users with real-time statistics of these, as well as historical data that shows asset development.

Another feature that sets Hunter apart from the rest, is the possibility for users to conduct transactions without using any gas. In addition, we have a native auto-compounding feature that allows you to immediately compound the earnings from the Galaxy Farms to the same LP pair. Manual conversion is no longer necessary, and returns are maximized at a 5% performance fee.


Security is an important concern for any DEX. Many platforms have failed due to inadequate or non-existent security; Flash Loans, DDOS attacks, Exploits due to unoptimized redeem functions, or tokens crashing due to orchestrated Pump & Dumps. We intend to build a safe ecosystem around our own token $HTC, and at the same time, become a safe environment for projects who would like to provide their liquidity to us in order for the investors to be able to buy and sell their tokens on Hunter Protocol.

Hunter Swap is equipped with Anti-Whale mechanisms to prevent whales from accumulating a large percentage of the total supply and subsequently dumping on the community at any point of time. This is especially useful when introducing new digital assets on our DEX, as only a maximum of 0.5 percent of the entire token supply may be sold per wallet each day. In addition to the anti-whale function, we will make an effort to limit the advantages bots have. It is rather common for bots to snipe a big percentage of the overall supply and then dump it.


We are continuously trying to ensure that Hunter keeps up to the latest emerging trends and needs in DeFi. As a result, we are initially launching our platform on the Ethereum Chain, with the intention to launch on Fantom next. Our objective is to provide a seamless experience by enabling cross-chain interoperability on all major Blockchains on which our next-gen DEX is operating.

We also working to provide a sustainable launchpad for new projects, by funding and promoting them through our Launchpad, providing a platform for emerging, relevant crypto projects to get started.

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